iWorker Innovations was founded on a simple but powerful premise:

that people should be able to work independently without putting their families or finances at risk.


It's a belief grounded in the realities faced every day by millions of self-employed and freelance professionals in the modern economy, including our Founder & CEO, Hollie Heikkinen.

As the daughter of an independent worker--and a lifelong entrepreneur herself--Hollie knows first-hand that access to benefits and insurance protections can have a profound effect on a family's well-being.

She founded iWorker Innovations to ensure that America's independent workers have access to bundled, portable insurance products they can carry with them throughout their careers.

As an association management company, iWorker Innovations is able to expand its reach and deliver solutions for many independent workers at once, lending expert support and policy insights that help associations drive change and deliver results for their self-employed members. 

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iWorker On LA Talk Radio

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Diversity American Style - LA Talk Radio
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Diversity American Style features veteran broadcast journalist Chuck Ashman hosting CEO Hollie Heikkinen of iWorker Innovation and Carl Camden of the Association of Independent Workers discussing equal benefits for 60 million independent American workers.