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Hollie Heikkinen

Hollie Heikkinen

Hollie Heikkinen

Founder and CEO

CEO & Founder of iWorker Innovations and Thought Leader for the advancement of independent worker equality. 

A lifelong entrepreneur, Hollie has founded 8 businesses over the past 25 years and brings a keen (and deeply personal) understanding of the challenges and obstacles presented by the gig economy.


She is an expert advisor to national associations and a tireless advocate for common-sense reform, bringing her fight to the halls of Washington, DC and the board rooms of Fortune 500 aggregators and insurance giants alike. In 2017, Hollie launched an innovative insurance brokerage designed to meet the unique needs of independent workers.


She is currently partnering with national firms and associations to connect gig workers with bundled, portable packages that leverage the strength of their growing numbers and provide key protections and safety nets they are currently denied in government programs. Hollie’s empathy for serving all people and passion for life is contagious and brightly shines through everything she does. 

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