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The iWorker Advantage

A business meeting
Worker Engagement

Whether you are an association or an aggregator of independent workers, ensuring your members feel valued is crucial to our success. iWorker handles the entire member benefits journey.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

iWorker provides sales and marketing expertise by attracting new members, identifying new revenue sources, and partnering with other companies to offer your members unmatched value and an incomparable experience.

Business Meeting
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Benefits Customization

iWorker has identified key gaps in the accessibility of benefits for independent workers. We don’t just talk about it, we do something about it by developing customized products to address these industry gaps.


iPSE-U.S.  & iWorker have joined to bring unique portable benefits to the independent worker.

IPSE is dedicated to advancing the freedom of America’s Independent Workers by giving them an equal voice in public policy, an equal choice to pursue their workstyle without fear, and equal access to benefits to protect themselves, their businesses, and their families.

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Carl Camden

Founder and President, iPSE-U.S.

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