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virtual primary care

Telehealth is available 24/7/365.

Telemedicine & Teletherapy Included.

legal assistance

Legal assistance and deep discounts on a variety of legal services.

financial fitness

We’ve partnered with industry leaders to bring you the best tools and resources to manage debt.

home + auto

Group discounts, good driver rewards, multi-policy discounts.


Access tools and content to help you stay informed about your freedoms as an Independent Worker.

identity theft

Identity theft restoration protects you if your identity is stolen.

50% tuition discount

Save up to $10,000 on 20 Degree Programs from Cleary University.

roadside assistance

Assistance for the difficulties that you may face on the road.

healthcare gps

Unified view of medical records and upcoming appointments. Access to medical centers and top providers.

Benefits that
fit your life!

Virtual Primary Care

The program is available to you, your spouse or domestic partner, and children up to the age of 26. You must be 16+ to have a therapy session.

  • iPSE provides telehealth and teletherapy with access to over 1200 board-certified medical provider and licensed talk therapy clinicians

  • Telehealth is available 24/7/365

  • Personalized treatment—online, by phone, or using the mobile app.

  • $0 Visit Fee for Urgent Care

  • Reduced visit fee for teletherapy

  • No extra out-of-pocket costs

  • Prescriptions when medically necessary


  • Colds, flu and fever

  • Abrasions, bruises

  • Sore throat, cough, congestion

  • Allergies, hives, skin infections

  • Bites and stings

  • Minor headaches, arthritic pains

  • Medication refills (short-term)*

  • Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea

  • Urinary tract infections

  • Headaches, body aches

  • Eye infections, conjunctivitis, and more!


  • Addiction, anxiety

  • Bipolar disorder

  • Depression, grief/loss 

  • Divorce, relationships

  • Domestic violence

  • Eating disorders

  • Mood swings, panic attacks and more!

*MeMD services are HIPAA compliant and completely confidential.
*Prescriptions cannot be written for controlled substances or elective medications.

Home + Auto

Have access to home and auto insurance. This program provides you with special savings, outstanding customer service and a full suite of products to meet your diverse insurance needs.

In addition to auto and homeowners insurance, our members have access to a variety of other policies, including:

  • Condo/renters

  • Personal excess liability

  • Boat

  • Motorcycle

  • RV

  • Personal property

Take advantage of Auto & Home discounts. Save hundreds!

  • A group discount of up to 15%

  • Automatic payment options

  • Good driving rewards

  • Multi-policy discounts

  • Multi-vehicle savings

  • 24/7 superior service

Home + auto

Identity Theft

We offer fully managed identity theft restoration. That means if your identity is stolen, you will have someone who will do the work for you. 

Our certified restoration specialists could save you hundreds of hours of work. Additionally, using a limited power of attorney, the specialist will:

  • Place fraud alerts

  • Make phone calls

  • File disputes

  • Contact government agencies, creditors, insurance companies, and more.

we do the work...

  • Place fraud alerts at the 3 major credit bureaus. 

  • Review the reports with you to identify fraudulent activity.

  • Initiate single bureau credit monitoring, which will be in place throughout the recovery process and for a full 12 months after your case is resolved.

  • Assist in completing the Identity Theft Affidavit from the Federal Trade Commission to establish your rights as a victim.

  • Contact the Social Security Administration, U.S. Postal Service, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Motor Vehicles, and other agencies as needed, to reverse any wrongful information, transactions, or misuse of official documentation as applicable to your case.

  • Submit disputes on your behalf to credit card companies, banks, lending institutions, utility companies, cell phone carriers and more.

a lot of work...

  • Research and document any fraudulent transactions, false accounts, or contracts signed with creditors, banks, utility companies, leasing agents, medical facilities, etc., and follow up to make sure all erroneous information is removed from your credit file.

  • Create and maintain a law enforcement grade case file to assist local and federal law enforcement in the prosecution of the perpetrators.

  • Research public record databases to find and correct erroneous non-credit related information.

  • In the event that you lose any of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII), a Restoration Specialist will be available to assist you in addressing and replacing the lost documentation, such as credit cards, licenses, passport, and/or government-issued documents.

  • Provide you with a complete copy of your credit report and score from one of the major credit reporting agencies, once per year. You can pull additional copies for an extra fee.

  • Monitor your credit for a full 12 months after your case is closed.


Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance is a set of services that can assist you when you have car trouble on the road.

24/7 nationwide roadside assistance on the road, at work, a parking lot or even at home.

  • Towing Assistance

  • Flat Tire Change

  • Fuel Delivery Service

  • Lock-out Assistance

  • Jump Start

  • Winch

All included in your Roadside Assistance+ plan!

  • Towing Assistance – When towing is necessary, Covered Vehicle will be towed to the closest qualified service.

  • Flat Tire Change – Service consists of the removal of the flat tire and its replacement with working spare tire.

  • Fuel Delivery Service – An emergency supply of 3 gallons of fuel. Customer must pay for the fuel when it is delivered.

  • Lock-out Assistance – If keys are locked inside the Covered Vehicle, assistance will be provided to gain entry into the Covered Vehicle.

  • Jump Start – If battery failure occurs, a jump start will be provided to start vehicle.

  • Winch – if stuck no more than 50 foot from a public road, we will pull vehicle onto a public road.


Rx Discounts

Let us save you time & money, so you can invest in the things that really matter.

Don’t stress your monthly medications. Use our discount card!

  • Discounts on brand names

  • Discounts on generics

  • No restrictions

Save up to 80% on medications at major pharmacies!


Legal Assistance

Members receive assess to free and deeply discounted commonly used legal services, guaranteed low hourly rates and contingency fee discounts from plan attorneys.

Free and discounted legal services for those planned and unplanned events where you need access to a great lawyer.

  • Face-to-face consultations

  • Preparation of legal documents

  • Legal representation

free legal services

  • Initial phone consultations

  • Initial face-to-face consultations

  • Review of independent legal documents (6 page maximum per document)

  • Preparation and updates of a Simple Will

  • Access to state specific, web-based Living Will form

  • Assistance in small claims court self-representation

  • Assistance with government program issues including INS and Welfare

  • Attorney letter writing on member behalf (one letter limit per legal matter)

  • Attorney phone calls on member behalf (one phone call per legal matter)

discounted legal services

​The following services will be provided by plan attorneys for a one-time deeply discounted fee realizing savings that range from 50-80%.

  • Traffic Ticket Defense

  • Name Change

  • Simple Will with Minor Trust

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • Non-Support (Spouse/Child)

  • Simple Divorce

  • Regular Incorporation

  • Personal Real Estate Closing


Includes spouse or domestic partner, dependent children and any categorically dependent individuals living in the plan member’s home such as a parent or grandparent.


Savings Program

Access to discounts on more than 800,000+ services to help save you time & money.

Discounts designed for independent workers.​

  • Products & services

  • Hotel

  • Travel

Weigh in these savings!


50% Tuition Discount

Save up to $10,000 on college tuition at Cleary University. Educating entrepreneurs who are leaders who transform the marketplace.

Learn from anywhere. Build your future now.

  • Degree and certificate programs

  • Modern business degree programs

  • Highly ranked as a great value

Save up to $10,000 on 20 Degree Programs from Cleary University.

  • BBA – Business Management

  • BBA – Digital Marketing

  • BBA – Nonprofit Management

  • BBA – Public Accounting

  • BBA – Sports Promotion & Management

  • BBA/ABA – Project Management

  • Certificate – Project Management

  • Certificate – Digital Marketing

  • Certificate – Human Resource Management

  • Many more programs!


Curus Health 360

We care about your well-being, and we realize that independent Workers are not always given the same access to healthcare solutions. That is why we are giving you a free trial of Curus Health 360.

We have partnered with Curus Health to provide you with access to:

  • a unified view of your medical records,

  • upcoming medical appointments,

  • as well as access to medical centers of excellence, and top medical providers.  

Upgrade to Curus Complex Care to access their concierge service that includes:

  • Access to the Nurse Advice+ service where you can reach a nurse 24/7/365 for healthcare support.

  • A personal health system navigator who will:

  • Consolidate all your medical information and records from across the US and internationally.

  • Assess your care plans and work with you to develop your individualized approach.

  • Proactively checks in with you to support the steps you are taking to achieve optimal health.

  • Tracks and manages your conditions and medications.

  • Facilitates and maintains communications with you and your healthcare providers to facilitate a high quality of care.



For over 20 years, eHealth has helped millions of individuals, families, and businesses find health insurance benefits. 

With the largest selection of online health plans, providers, and affordable options, you are sure to find health coverage based on your unique needs.

  • Over 10,000 plans from

       more than 180 companies.

  • Online Tools

  • Free Quotes

  • Licensed Agents

You can’t find a bigger health insurance selection online in the US.

  • Shop more than 10,000 plans.

  • Get support on coverage and billing.

  • Find health coverage based on your needs.


Financial Fitness

iPSE is proud to partner with industry leaders to bring you the best tools and resources to manage debt.

GreenPath and iWorker are partnering to empower America’s Independent Workers.

  • Access to debt management services.

  • Free one-on-one financial counseling.

  • Financial education tools.

GreenPath and iWorker provide the tools
to help you reach your financial goals.

  • Create & maintain good credit!

  • Learn budget planning.

  • Developing saving strategies.



iWorker and iPSE US are dedicated to advancing the freedom of America’s 59 million Independent Workers by giving them an equal voice in public policy.

Challenges Independent Workers face include:

  • Unfair and unequal tax treatment.

  • Lack of access to benefits structures.

  • No dedicated Federal focus of Independent Workers.

Download our Independent Worker Advocacy Toolkit.

Get involved, stay informed. 

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