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We specialize in providing benefit packages and services customized for the self-employed by partnering with the workforce firms and associations who represent them. We level the playing field for millions of independent workers- delivering bundled portable benefits that enable them to thrive. 

...serving as expert advisors to those who advocate for independent workers.

iWorker Innovations is a new kind of Insurance Brokerage and Association Management Company for the new world of work. 

Our Vision

The team at iWorker Innovations is passionate about driving equality in the gig economy. We work with insurance firms, workforce solutions companies, and associations to open new doors for the self-employed to protect their family and their business while they expand their business and customer base.


iWorker Innovations is a cutting-edge insurance brokerage and association management firm. We can provide your organization with all the services you need to ensure that your self- employed membership community flourishes.

Let's Work

iWorker Innovations is actively developing innovative products for independent workers. We have the backing of Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller investors, all dedicated to serving the 68 million Americans who work this way. Get in touch to find out how we can help your organization today. 

Our Clients

iWorker On LA Talk Radio

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Diversity American Style - LA Talk Radio
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Diversity American Style features veteran broadcast journalist Chuck Ashman hosting CEO Hollie Heikkinen of iWorker Innovation and Carl Camden of the Association of Independent Workers discussing equal benefits for 60 million independent American workers.